Guide to Island Hopping in Thailand

Beautiful nature of Thailand. James Bond island reflects in wateWhen you watch documentaries of snake hunts for food and deep fried cockroaches displayed on the streets, you wonder why people love traveling to Thailand. Well, it is this uniqueness that draws tourist to visit.

Thailand is not unique in its feeding cultures; it has great sceneries, a magnificent sea, and a rich historic culture. The Thai people are so friendly that their land has been nicknamed The Land of Smiles” If you are planning to visit soon, here is a guide that will help you.

Check the ferries for safety

To connect to the various Islands, you will use a ferry. The ferries aren’t very safe, though. Make sure you check for things like lifeboats or if the ferry is crowded. You might want to board another one if none of the above is checked.

Be careful about using drugs, and the Thai law is strict.

The Thai people smoke and drink all sorts of drugs; that’s why the government came up with incredibly strict rules. Be careful not to fall a victim while on your visit.

Here are unusual places to visit

Transport between these sites is cheap and reliable although the roads are a little bumpy and uncomfortable to travel on. Although road and water transport is the cheapest, there is also air transport. For instance, it takes 12 hours to travel by road from Bangkok to Phuket. It costs $30 on a ferry and $50, sometimes $70 on a plane.

The beauty of traveling on ferry or road is that you get to see several sceneries which I guess are part of your purpose for going to Thailand. Here are some places to go;

Ko Samui

Here you will be amazed by the tranquility on the beaches such as Lipa Noi. If you are a yogi, carry along your mat and practice there, you will love how breathing becomes so easy. Ko Samui is also where historical places like the Big Buddha Temple are located. Something else you don’t want to miss seeing is the Na Muang Waterfalls

Ko Pha Ngan

This place is where the famous Thai full moon party happens. The full moon was as a result of some group of tourists who started a party in celebration that Ko Pha Ngan has the most beautiful view of the moon. The party happens every month and people from around the World usher in to celebrate.

Ko Tao

The sea is vast and bright in Ko Tao. There are several beautiful sceneries as well. If you are a diver, this is the place to go. After your diving sessions, you can chill by the sea or help turtle rehabilitation by the sea side.

The food

thai-foodsThai food is very spicy, sweet, and sour and yes strange. You will find purple rice, fried cockroaches, snake blood, snake and many other foods you could ever imagine. This is because the Thai’s eat warm blooded mammals. But these shouldn’t scare you. I only mentioned these so that you are not surprised when you are welcomed with a long roasted snake on a stick. The Thai tourism industry is thriving, and so the restaurants there have tried to include in almost every dish for every tourist.

If you choose to eat a serving of Thai breakfast, expect no eggs, cereals, sandwich and stuff. The Thai serve pork, beef, and rice or noodle soup for breakfast.

The cockroaches and water bugs which are so many with vendors and in markets are served as snacks. The locals crunch on them as they go about their day.

If you are open minded and you manage to wrap your head around eating some of the strange foods, you will spend as low as $1-$2 per meal especially if you buy street food. It is very cheap. Last but not least, learn Thai boxing or bodyweight training. Here’s our favorite course on body weight workouts | beginner body weight workouts.